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Al Qassim Furniture Factory

Al-Bahouth Furniture was established in 1396 AH - 1976 AD, with more than forty-four years of experience and dedication in the field of office, home, metal, medical and hotel furniture, project furnishing and computer equipment, including.

We aspire to be at the forefront of brands in this field and through our dealings with government and private sectors. No matter how much success we achieve, we never stop exploring ways to improve our performance and make every effort to reach the highest quality standards. We always work to provide our best quality at reasonable prices that suit all segments of society and tastes.

Our motto is (We make your surroundings more beautiful)

Providing high quality, Attractive and functional design, diversity of products, innovation and development, and environmental sustainability, And customer satisfaction
We always work to provide our best quality at reasonable prices that suit all segments of society and tastes

Providing high-quality furniture with unique and attractive designs.

Providing high quality and superior products, and providing exceptional customer service.


Our services

Manufacture of offices and meeting tables
The desk manufacturing process involves several steps, starting with desk design and planning. Suitable materials for desks such as wood, metal, glass or a variety of other materials are chosen according to the different purposes and desired design.
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Kitchen manufacturing
Kitchen manufacturing is the process of producing and assembling the various elements and components that make up the kitchen as a whole.
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Wall cladding
Wall decorations are a great way to transform empty spaces in the home, office, or any other place into beautiful places full of colors and details. Wall decorations are used to bring personality and style to a space and to give an artistic and decorative touch to the walls.
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Wardrobes and bedrooms
Wardrobes are pieces of furniture used to store clothes and personal accessories in bedrooms. Wardrobes come in different designs and sizes to meet the needs and preferences of individuals.
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Sofa manufacturing
Sofa set manufacturing is the process of manufacturing a set of comfortable and practical furniture consisting of a main sofa, additional chairs, and small sofas. Here's an overview of the sofa set making process.
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Curtain manufacturing refers to the process of producing curtains from raw materials to the finished product used to decorate windows, provide privacy, control lighting, and maintain temperature in different spaces.
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